Quick Response Country Reports (QRCR) tap BERI’s information system and world network of intelligence sources. BERI country analysts prepare concise country risk reports of 7-10 pages utilizing many of our in-house assessments based on thousands of data points. The country report is prepared within 5 business days of the order and will be sent by e-mail or fax depending on client preference.

The Basic Sections are:

  • Business Environment for Foreign Manufacturing and Service Operations
  • Most Probable Political Scenario
  • Political Developments and the Basis for the Forecast
  • Economic Performance, Developments and the Forecast Table
  • Financial and Currency Developments
  • Ratings Table for the Operations, Political, and Remittance Factor Indexes and the Labor Force Evaluation Measure
  • Government System and Current Political Structure

BERI’s business involves sourcing information, analyzing the raw details, identifying pivotal factors, and forecasting probable future developments. This is the process for both multi-client services and single-client projects. BERI’s specialty is converting information into intelligence and future developments in a country.

The Quick Response Country Reports System bring together the following categories of work:

  • Retrieval. An analyst from BERI retrieves readily available details from the firm’s information system. The analyst supplements these details through research at the embassies, libraries, government offices, and/or BERI’s world network of intelligence sources.
  • Analysis. The required information for the country is obtained. BERI s country analyst interprets the details and provides insights on actual conditions, real practices, cultural characteristics, and other factors.
  • Forecasts. The analyst’s insights and recommended forecasts are reviewed by the executive team before release to the client. This process assures optimal quality before release to the client.

Price: The client is invoiced at the rate of US$575 per report .