Quick Response Country Reports (QRCR) tap BERI S.A.’s information system and world network of intelligence sources. BERI S.A. country analysts prepare concise country risk reports of 7-10 pages utilizing many of our in-house assessments based on thousands of data points. The country report is prepared within 5 business days of the order and will be sent by e-mail or fax depending on client preference.

The Basic Sections are:

  • Business Environment for Foreign Manufacturing and Service Operations
  • Most Probable Political Scenario
  • Political Developments and the Basis for the Forecast
  • Economic Performance, Developments and the Forecast Table
  • Financial and Currency Developments
  • Ratings Table for the Operations, Political, and Remittance Factor Indexes and the Labor Force Evaluation Measure
  • Government System and Current Political Structure

BERI S.A.’s involves sourcing information, analyzing the raw details, identifying pivotal factors, and forecasting probable future developments. This is the process for both multi-client services and single-client projects. BERI S.A.’s specialty is converting information into intelligence and future developments in a country.

The Quick Response Country Reports System bring together the following categories of work:

  • Retrieval. An analyst from BERI S.A. retrieves readily available details from the firm’s information system. The analyst supplements these details through research at the embassies, libraries, government offices, and/or world network of intelligence sources of BERI S.A.
  • Analysis. The required information for the country is obtained. BERI S.A. country analyst interprets the details and provides insights on actual conditions, real practices, cultural characteristics, and other factors.
  • Forecasts. The analyst’s insights and recommended forecasts are reviewed by Dr. F.T. Haner, founder and Saruhan Hatipoglu, CEO of BERI S.A. before release to the client. This process, including Dr. Haner’s and Mr. Hatipoglu’s viewpoints on the present situation and probable future developments, assures optimal quality before release to the client.