An increasing interest in BERI products and services by our clients resulted in growing requests to employ our consulting services. Today, our company serves private corporations, government institutions, non-profit organizations as well as the academic community by providing consulting services:

Private Sector: Multinational corporations and other smaller private companies form the backbone of BERI’s consulting practice. Our corporate clients often ask for:

  1. The application and implementation of country risk recommendations to their own practice;
  2. Working together to create short- and long-term strategies for client operations;
  3. Identifying future markets with promising outlooks and those carrying higher risks;
  4. Analysis and evaluation of business trends that are likely to modify global business operations

Government Practice: Our company’s long history of working with government institutions has extended us high visibility in the public sector. BERI has been quoted by prominent government leaders in articles and speeches because of its effective, comprehensive and objective analysis of government capabilities and its recommendations on improvement. Our government clients often ask for:

  1. Measuring competitiveness in a variety of fields to compare and contrast performance with other countries;
  2. Establishing best practices needed to sustain steady foreign investment flows;
  3. Creating different indices to measure country performance in various categories of importance for individual government institutions/divisions;
  4. Further development of core competencies and know-how to maintain leadership or get ahead of competitor nations

Academia: BERI provides consulting services to the academic community through its annual membership program. Our objective in this new program is to:

  1. Grant students access to actual country risk reports to help them understand the nature of projects and analysis demanded by corporate and public sector clients;
  2. Provide students with career-oriented advice via our on-campus visits;
  3. Provide students free access to a variety of BERI products to bolster their academic studies;
  4. Give opportunity for scholars to integrate more practical applications to their classes;
  5. Provide BERI analysis to facilitate scholar research on economics, politics and business topics