Whether you need a single country, a region or the entire list of countries covered by BERI S.A. reports, our team will be pleased to provide you with the data you need. We have different subscription options for CorporationsAcademia and Government and Non-Profit Organizations.

Here are some of many choices available to our clients:

  1. Follow a single country in one or more BERI S.A. products for one edition or the entire year
  2. Follow a region in any products offered by BERI S.A.
  3. Contact us to inform us your data and information needs so that we can cater the best available option
  4. Receive reports via e-mail, CD-ROM, hard copy or our Online Library
  5. Different categories of subscription options are available depending on the number of people seeking access in an organization
  6. IP recognition is available for all our corporate, academic and government clients

We will work with you to understand your data needs and provide you with the right reports and datasets presenting the most effective and reasonable cost options. Become a BERI S.A. customer now and receive “Tomorrow’s Intelligence Today.”

For more information, contact us via email.