BERI is the private source for comprehensive ratings, analyses, and forecasts for over 140 countries.

BERI was founded in 1966. Its clients are mostly banks and private corporations conducting international business. However, the portfolio of its clients in the field of academia as well as government and non-profit institutions has been increasing steadily since 2000. The firm offers multi-client and proprietary services. The accuracy of its forecasts has enabled BERI to establish a strong worldwide client base.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Economic data and forecast
  • Political and social trends & development
  • Scenario Planning
  • International and regional relations
  • Regulatory issues and implications


Our clients range from multinational corporations to universities to government institutions. Even though the nature of BERI S.A. clients varies, their reason for using our products and services is unique: Accuracy of data interpretation & forecasts as well as successful scenario planning. Our Business Risk Service (BRS) and Quick Response Country Reports as well as many others measure the comparative stability of the countries of interest for our clients. We use both quantitative and qualitative assessments to provide timely analysis and strategic direction for challenges yet to come. BERI S.A. provides:

  • Independent research and specifically-catered consulting engagements
  • Direct communication with CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu at the member level
  • Accurate political and economic risk analysis utilizing quantitative analysis
  • Scenario assessments to minimize risk
  • Strategic planning to help clients achieve maximum gains