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  • Financial Ethics Index (FEI) 2017 and Quality of Workforce Index (QWI) 2017 are now available.
  • Business Risk Reports (BRS) 2018-III was published on December 7 2018. See what heightened geopolitical risk has done to country performance.
  • FORELEND 2018-III is now available for purchase.
  • MERA is back! BERI S.A.'s MVP for oil and gas companies is available for purchase now.


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BERI CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu talks to CNN over the Khashoggi crisis and economic implications

Hatipoglu says realpolitik is key in understanding the outcome of this crisis, but businesses will respond.

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BERI CEO talks to Tian Wei about the global economy 2019 in a panel discussion

Hatipoglu says there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it may be of a train coming at us.

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BERI CEO talks to Rachelle Akuffo about the Fed's decision & the outlook for the U.S. economy

‘The person who walked to the podium was Jerome Powell. The person who walked out was Janet Yellen" said Hatipoglu.

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BERI CEO speaks to Bloomberg Radio's Bryan Curtis and Paul Allen on U.S-North Korea summit

"North Korea must offer more concrete plans for denuclearization" says Hatipoglu

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