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Available via subscription
  • Financial Ethics Index (FEI) 2019 and Quality of Workforce Index (QWI) 2019 are now available.
  • Business Risk Reports (BRS) 2019-III was published on December 7 2019. See what heightened geopolitical risk has done to country performance.
  • FORELEND 2019-III is now available for purchase.
  • MERA is back! BERI's MVP for oil and gas companies is available for purchase now.


The Financial Ethics Index (FEI)

FEI covers 115 countries and measures factors that have a direct influence on meeting international obligations but that cannot be assessed through regularly published statistics. FEI is an annual study.

Quality of Workforce Index (QWI)

QWI is an analysis of labor conditions in 42 countries. It is an annual study.

Country Risk Forecasts for International Lenders (FORELEND)

FORELEND subscription (three issues per year) includes a two-page report on 50 countries, statistical appendix covering lenders risk qualitative, lenders risk quantitative, lenders risk environment, and overall lenders risk rating. In addition, each issue of FORELEND includes supplemental reports on Government Proficiency Measures, Ratings (only) on 60 additional countries, and Market Opportunity Ranking.

Business Risk Service (BRS)

BRS subscription (three issues per year) includes a two-page report on 50 countries, statistical appendix covering Operational Risk, Political Risk and Remittance & Repatriation (R-Factor) Risk indexes and all sub-criteria. In addition, each issue of BRS includes supplemental reports on Labor Force Evaluation Measures, Ratings (only) on 50 Additional Countries, and Market Opportunity Ranking.

Historical Ratings Research Package (HRRP)

HRRP covers 53 countries from 1980 until the current year and is only available on CD, e-mail or download from the BERI OnLine Library. Ratings are derived from BRS ratings for every year with each category and its sub-indices made available to clients. HRRP provides an excellent source of data set for academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

Mineral Extraction Risk Assessment (MERA)

MERA ratings are available for 115 countries. The service includes only risk ratings and is conducted once a year. Historical and present assessments are supplemented by five, ten, and fifteen-year rating projections.