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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

BERI S.A. unveils its new image in August. It is my pleasure to announce the new BERI S.A. website to our current and future clients...

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CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu participated in a studio panel interview at CCTV on August 20.

The topic was the debt crisis in the eurozone, particularly Greece. Is the Greek exit inevitable?

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BERI S.A. Chairman Dr. Ted Haner Shares Thoughts on Future of Jobs

"Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" Yes, if you are qualified in 2012. Vacancies exist. No, if you have nothing to offer an employer but muscle. Get in the applicant line with everyone else.

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The topic was "European Labor Market" in this short CCTV panel interview with CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu

Is the European labor market rigidity hurting the foreign investment potential in the region?

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BERI CEO's CCTV April interview on the IMF global outlook presents "tomorrow's intelligence today".

Mr. Hatipoglu disagreed with the optimistic scenario provided by the IMF on its global outlook in April stating that data pointed to a sharper downturn.

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Has the U.S. Economy Entered a Recovery Phase?

Manufacturing statistics are certainly encouraging, particularly in light of competitor performances. However, it is too early to start the party in Washington...

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BERI S.A. CEO answered questions in a CCTV interview with Phillip Yin on October 10.

Saruhan Hatipoglu shares insights on the fiscal cliff and the ongoing European debt crisis.

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"Is the eurozone better off now than it was in the beginning of the year?" Watch here!

From the eurozone crisis to Greece's possible departure, from global economy to China's economic performance BERI S.A. CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu answers questions from Phillip Yin of CCTV on November 6.

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Is the German economy next? Bundesbank thinks so. Watch here the latest interview with BERI S.A. CEO

"German downgrade was not anticipated" says Saruhan as he discusses the implications of the significant reduction in German growth forecasts as well as global economic trajectory for 2013.

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Argentina has only a few tears left.

"My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten" said Eva Perón. Unfortunately, it is her beloved country that is slowly fading into memory for investors.

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