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  • Business Risk Reports (BRS) 2016-III was published on December 3 2016. See what heightened geopolitical risk has done to country performance.
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BERI CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu speaks with Betty Liu and Yvonne Man of Bloomberg

"Robbing Peter to pay Paul" is how Saruhan characterizes the border adjustment tax as it stands.

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Difficult Name, Clear Message: BERI CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu was on Fox Business News with Dagen MacDowell

Le Pen presidency would spell disaster for the markets, but it won't happen says Saruhan

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BERI CEO Hatipoglu gives "Tomorrow's Intelligence Today" on Bloomberg Radio.

Hatipoglu calls for the Fed rate hike, continuation of the hawkish stance and a plan to unwind the massive portfolio

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BERI CEO Hatipoglu shoots down trickle down in his latest interview w/Rachelle Akuffo of CGTN

Saruhan says no tax reform and gives President Trump an "Incomplete" on his economy report card.

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BERI CEO Saruhan Hatipoglu speaks about the tax reform to CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo.

"You can put all the lipstick you want, this is an illegal export subsidy" says Saruhan on one of the new tax measures. Watch it here.

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