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  • Business Risk Reports (BRS) 2019-III was published on December 7 2019. See what heightened geopolitical risk has done to country performance.
  • FORELEND 2019-III is now available for purchase.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

It is my pleasure to announce the new BERI S.A. website to our current and future clients. We are very excited about the new design, which combines visual appeal with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate, find what you are looking for, learn about all our products and services and place your inquiry.

On the "Home" page, we will now provide news analysis and changing forecasts making our website more dynamic. We will also share video clips of media appearances by BERI S.A. executives discussing the most recent global economic and political developments.

Our "Online Library" is available and easy to use for subscribed clients. With the click of a button, we will make the requested country risk report or data sets available.

We fully realize that maintenance and improvement of a website is a dynamic process. We will continue to add on to our client services in the very near future.

Visit us often. Review our forecast methodology. View our analysis. Request more information.

As one of the oldest and most reliable country risk agencies in the world, BERI S.A. has been steadily growing since its founding over 45 years ago by Dr. F.T. Haner.

Become a new member of our family now and receive "Tomorrow's Intelligence Today."   


Saruhan Hatipoglu
Managing Director & CEO